Title: IAC and Ashgrove Cement consider new designs in upgrading clinker cooler and kiln baghouses

When looking at possible upgrades for a pulse jet baghouse, we need to consider the latest developments, which include, but are not limited to the following possibilities: Snapband filter bag connection. This type of filter bag is installed with no tools and has a leak-free and reliable tubesheet to bag connection. This may not appear to be a new development to those familiar with modern fabric filter designs, but this particular baghouse used a clamped bag with a screw-in cast venturi that requires a separate felt ring gasket to avoid leaks. PTFE Membrane filter media. This type of filter media has a very thin, microporous film on the filtration surface, with openings so small that it’s impermeable to water molecules – and to submicron dust. This film also has non-stick properties that allow filtered dust to be discharged very efficiently. PTFE membrane filter bags generally provide lower DP and a significant performance improvement on systems that filter very fine or humid dust. Pleated filters. This technology offers increased capacity by packing two or three times the filtration area into the same space as a filter bag. This could be a solution, but has some disadvantages and is very costly, particularly on high temperature systems. Longer filter bags, or long bag technology. Practically all modern process baghouses use what is known as long bag technology, with filter bag lengths up to 10 m (30 ft). Long filter bags provide proportionally larger filtration areas, but their resulting interstitial (rising) velocities would limit their capacity. To solve this problem, a percentage of the incoming flow can be introduced laterally into the array of filter bags.

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