Title: IAC inspection of RA cleaned baghouse for coal fired boilers recommends repairs and potential to switch to pulse jet cleaning

IAC evaluated a baghouse rebuild project to review a 16-module reverse air structural baghouse. The original scope of the inspection was to evaluate the baghouse for needed repairs due to concerns over corrosion that had taken place over the years, as well as overall baghouse performance. This baghouse collects fly ash off of the plant’s coal-fired boilers, which are used to generate steam for the needs of the plant. A detailed inspection report was generated and sent to the customer. The report included a list of recommendations for a scope of repair work. A substantial portion of these recommendations included the replacement of numerous dampers on the baghouse, as well as the reverse air ductwork. Follow-up meetings were held at the plant to discuss various options for upgrading the baghouse equipment or possibly converting it to a pulse-jet.

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