Title: Schlumberger is Optimizing Use of Friction Reducers

In an October E&P magazine article Bruce Mackay of Schlumberger explains that high viscosity friction reducers are seeing increased usage due to their ability to affect proppant distribution. This is due to the fact that permeability of a typical reservoir has gone down roughly 3 orders of magnitude in the last decade and at the same time the industry is using 3 orders of magnitude more material on a fracturing work site. The cost of these reducers is significant. Schlumberber has worked out real time and not theoretical techniques to optimize their use. The article explains the techniques. (MCILVAINE IS ORGANIZING ARTICLES SUCH AS THIS TO PURSUE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE OPTIMUM REDUCER REQUIREMENT AND THE FRAC SAND QUALITY AND WHETHER IF ONESTIM IS EXTENDED TO THE FRAC SAND PLANT, THAT OPTIMIZATION CAN BE IMPROVED.)

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