Title: Terex supplies frac sand water treatment to eliminate settling ponds

Terex Washing Systems offers a complete tailored solution for water treatment and management, including a full range of flocculant dosing systems, thickener tanks and a full range of filter presses. Combined, this equipment can remove the need for settling ponds. It is critical that systems are selected appropriate to specific materials, so the solution can be refined according to the specific requirements. This includes qualified sampling and testing to ensure complete peace of mind for performance and the ability to handle inevitable feed variations. Intelligent automation is common throughout the equipment range and this is particularly relevant to water management systems. The majority of Terex systems include fully automated control and adjustment of the flocculant dose, according to the amount of suspended solids and settlement time required. This ensures maximum performance even with highly variable feed materials such as materials derived from recyclable sources to ensure optimum levels of flocculant dosing. A wide choice of thickener models and formats ensures clients are offered the best solution for individual needs, all with low operational cost and maximum dewatering in mind. Following the thickener the client has a wide choice of filter presses, again depending upon individual material characteristics and performance needs.

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