Title: Tyler particle size and shape analyzers provide quality control for proppant users

W.S. Tyler completed three major sales transactions, according to the company. In all three instances, the company signed on to provide its CPA particle size and shape analyzers to aid in frac sand processing. More specifically, W.S. Tyler’s particle-analysis technology will now be helping providers of proppant to the oil and gas well industries perform a final quality check on their material. How do W.S. Tyler’s CPA particle size and shape analyzers tie into all this fracking technology? The propping open of the fractures “only occurs if enough sand grains to resist the force of the closing fractures have been delivered into the rock.” That’s where W.S. Tyler enters the equation. CPAs are used as a final quality control check,” the company said. “They ensure that the material on the train cars meets the correct frac sand spec before it is loaded into the silos for distribution.” As a result, “the end users are assured that they are purchasing the correct standard of material for their extraction process. The speed of the CPAs makes for an easy and worry free unloading.”. The company will be an exhibitor at North American Frac Sand 2019.


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