Title: Unlocking the Potential without Fracking – CO2 Injection in Tight Shale Oil

We present laboratory results on the feasibility of CO2 injection to produce oil from tight shale oil without fracturing the formation. The hybrid process studied increased recoverable oil by an order of magnitude compared with fracking, and at the same time reduced the carbon footprint by associated CO2 storage. Despite permeability values in the nano-Darcy range, we argue that CO2-based EOR may successfully be implemented in shale oil formations. Core flooding injection tests showed a viscous dominated oil displacement for the initial oil recovery, changing into progressively more diffusional dominated over time. An average oil recovery of 34% of OOIP was obtained from CO2 flooding experiments in reservoir core plugs. The experimental results demonstrate the potential to 1) increase oil recovery from shale oil compared with current production techniques, 2) reduce the need to rely solely on fracking to extract oil from tight shales, and 3) reduce the carbon footprint when combining oil recovery with CO2-storage in unfractured shale core plugs.

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