Title: PTFE Membrane development by Idex reduces metering pump total cost of ownership

Through extensive research and development, IDEX has designed a new PTFE diaphragm featuring a unique chemical composition of PTFE that offers the best of both worlds—combining the benefits of PTFE with the temperature and high-pressure resistance of metallic diaphragms. The result is a smaller, lighter and less expensive pump suitable for the widest range of metering pump applications—from chemical manufacturing to refining to power generation to offshore oil and gas production, and for all forms of water and wastewater treatment.

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 212000 - Mining & Quarrying                
 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Gas-fired 燃气              
 322110 - Pulp Mills                
 322121 - Paper (except Newsprint) Mills                
 324110 - Petroleum Refineries 石油精炼                
 325110 - Petrochemical Manufacturing 石化产品生产                
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