Title: Finding the right metering pump starts with understanding the key role it plays in a plant’s operations and what criteria to which it must adhere

Diaphragm metering pumps should provide 1,000-to-1 turndown capabilities with steady-state accuracy down to +/- 0.5 percent. Most chemicals are procured in concentration, and they must be metered accurately — not just to save money but to ensure that overdosing is prevented. For example: Sulfuric acid, which is used to lower pH, is harsh on plant equipment, and injecting too much acid results in an improper pH and can damage a boiler or cooling tower — just like injecting too much medicine would not serve a patient properly. Corrosion resistance — In many plants, metering pumps must be API 675 compliant. They must be able to deliver a wide range of harsh and corrosive chemicals, such as biocides, cleaning compounds, coagulants, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, oxygen scavengers, polyelectrolytes, scale inhibitors, emulsion breakers and many other chemicals. Pumps must be able to handle the diverse characteristics of these chemicals, and they must be able to pump chemicals at different concentrations and temperature levels. To accommodate this diversity, all the wetted parts of the pumps’ liquid end should be available in 316 stainless steel, alloy 20, PVDF or PTFE. The ability to leverage a single pump family that can be configured with different materials not only adds flexibility but it also helps suppliers meet a plant’s delivery deadlines.

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