Title: IAC Completes 2 Frac Sand Plants in Poteet and Monahans Texas

Adelphi Construction LC, owned by Industrial Accessories Company (IAC), recently completed the build of two 3 mmtpy frac sand facilities in Poteet, Texas and Monahans, Texas. Both these projects included Process and Design Engineering, Site Prep, wet plant, dry plant, silo storage, loadout, buildings and fully automated control. IAC also installed their patented Rotary Dryer Design, baghouse and specialty valve. The dryer design utilizes a secondary flash zone to increase tonnage by 20-30% over existing Frac Sand Dryer design and that same BTU input. This dryer can process 200+ TPH with a 40 MM BTU burner and WIP sand moisture content in the 3-4% range.

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