Title: Numerical identifiers for all combust, flow and treat suppliers and purchasers including Chinese companies / McIlvaine Insights Issue 84

Numerical identification of the prospects for a CRM program is very important. Chinese and Japanese companies are identified by characters which result in variations in English phonetic equivalents. Chinese companies typically are identified with a city name prefix. McIlvaine has prepared a database with numerical identification of many thousands of companies. Here are some of the companies showing up under Beijing. Shenhua and Guodian have merged creating the world’s largest CFT product purchaser. This conglomerate will purchase more CFT products this year than 150 individual countries. So it is necessary to further classify subsidiaries which are making purchase decisions separately. In the above case Guodian has a subsidiary, Longyuan. This entity is both a supplier and purchaser of CFT products and services. As a supplier it appears in another McIlvaine database which identifies the subsidiaries, the locations of major operations within each subsidiary and produced at that facility. The 53DI OEM Networking Directory also includes consulting firms such as AECOM.

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  • 11/15/2018


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