Title: Light's Out Manufacturing - Is the American Pharmaceutical Industry Ready?, 4p.

Advertisements for many on-line educational institutions feature workers in fear of being displaced from their positions by robots and the need for “Information Technology” education. While concern for having positions that will last for your intended working career has been around for a long time, in recent years it has increased significantly. A philosophy of manufacturing called Lights Out or Lights-out-Manufacturing refers to factories or companies that operate fully automated and do not require the presence of humans on site. The name lights out comes from the concept that you don’t need the lights on for a robotic operation. While called lights out, very few facilities, if any, operate exclusively with all lights out. Companies that can implement these manufacturing philosophies completely or in a large portion of their operation will have significant cost savings, e.g., lower level of electrical needs (no lights), may be able to reduce utility costs for heating/cooling as the automated facility may not need the same comfort levels as humans, reduced personnel costs, and so forth. Is this something the American Pharmaceutical Industry is ready for?

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