Title: Siemens analyzers measure liquids and gases in TDI plants

TDI plants are equipped with comprehensive measuring and control instrumentation in order to comply with the strict requirements of quality, safety, environmental and energy efficiency control. Field instrumentation includes process analyzers and analyzer systems to monitor in detail the production steps by analyzing the mass flow streams for their composition und communicate the measured data to the central control system. For that, Siemens Process Analytics offers well proven analyzer (gas chromatographs and continuous gas analyzers) as well as analyzer systems together with specific application knowledge Measuring task Process Gas Chromatograph (PGC) MAXUM edition II MAXUM edition II represents the top technology in process gas chromatography for analyzing liquids and vapor process samples. Series 6 Continuous Gas Analyzers In TDI and the respective chlorine plants also continuous gas analyzers are used to monitor e. g. hydrogen and oxygen. These are CALOMAT 62 and OXYMAT 6 out of the well-proven Series 6 of Siemens Gas Analyzers. Both are available in an IP65 field housing or as 19” rack unit. CALOMAT 6/62 use a thermal conductivity detector and determine the concentration of e. g. hydrogen, nitrogen or other gases in binary gas mixtures by determining the thermal conductivity of the sample gas. CALOMAT 62 is especially designed for applications in corrosive gases e. g. in the chlorine electrolysis process. the OXYMAT 6 meets high standards with regard to reliability and measuring quality. The OXYMAT 6 measures oxygen using the paramagnetic alternating pressure method. This guarantees perfect linearity and allows parameterization of minimal and highest measuring ranges of in a single device. The sensor in the detector does not come into contact with the sample gas thus allowing the measurement of corrosive gases.

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