Title: Victorville wastewater plant improves energy efficiency with Piller turbo blowers

Victorville CA wastewater treatment plant. VVWRA engineering staff carefully assessed multiple types of high-speed turbo blowers. This assessment included blower capital cost, ease of installation, turndown capacity, maintenance requirements, rated lifespan, bearing configurations, blower controls and blower energy efficiency (based on a wire-to-air efficiency rating). In addition, VVWRA was planning an upgrade to new membrane diffusers. The new membrane diffusers would require 30 percent less airflow than the existing sock-style diffusers, making it possible for VVWRA to select smaller blowers. After calculating the aeration needs associated with the expected expansion and new diffuser technology, VVWRA staff determined that the most cost-effective and energy-efficient approach was to install two new, 400-hp blowers. VVWRA decided on two blowers from Piller TSC. The first unit, a PillAerator MP12000 was installed in 2011, and the second one, a PillAerator LP14000, was installed in 2013. The new blowers included sophisticated controls that are able to orchestrate blower operation much more effectively.

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