Title: Salem solves wipes clogging of lift station with Barnes solid handling pump from Crane Fluid Systems

The Town of Salem is a small, rural community located in southeast Wisconsin. The municipality manages 25 lift stations. Lift station #18 is a triplex station and was clogging weekly mostly due to flushable wipes. Crane Pumps & Systems provided a Barnes 4SHVA 30HP Solids Handling pump as a demo replacement for the station in September, 2013. The pump was installed a month later. The next time the pump was pulled was October, 2014 for its annual maintenance. Today’s non-biosolid laden wastewater requires new technology to keep the stream flowing. The Barnes SH Series with its non-recessed vortex impeller was the easiest, and it turned out to be the best option for Salem. It is estimated that the pump paid for itself in the first six months of operation. The pump continues to be clog-free for over a year.

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