Title: Organica can remotely monitor and optimize biological treatment system

The Organica Process Control System is a combination of instruments, input/output units, PLCs, operator stations, and SCADA system to collect, analyse and display realtime operational information and control the operation of a unique alternative to activated sludge processes for biological treatment .Efficient operation requires quality data. Recognizing this important fact, Organica has developed an industry-first analytical software (designed by market-leading inCTRL solutions) to maximise data reliability, instantly evaluating and scrubbing “noise” from collected data. Based on a precise set of calculations and process models, this platform ensures accurate data reporting and documentation. Accessing this precise data, Organica can perform regular process simulations to identify improvements in operational strategy, and apply them remotely through the same software platform. These strategy changes often include set point adjustments, while the platform also supports remote PLC programming to acquire the most effective results.

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