Title: Getting Reliable Turbine Bypass System Performance in Cycling Power Plants

Recommendations to get reliable performance of turbine bypass systems are made. These are based on recent experiences in a number of cycling power stations. Results of an investigation into cracks in the pressure boundary downstream of turbine bypass systems in some power stations are described. Where failures occurred, these systems were behaving quite differently from the design intent or what the operators thought was going on at the turbine bypass system (TBS). The root causes were traced through analysis of failed components, reviews of plant layout and operation, analysis of DCS data, additional measurements at the site and finite element analysis. The primary contributors to such problems were the control algorithms, oversized spray-water valves, leaking spraywater lines, and thermal shocking of the system. Improper layout of the system is a contributor in some cases. All these, in varying degrees, contribute to the damage to the components and, over time, results in fatigue failures.

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