Title: Coal analyzer at Hunter Station used to optimize coal blends

In order to estimate the ash fusion temperatures in the coal being sent to the power plant PacifiCorp Hunter Station needed an analyzer that could measure the ash constituents whose proportions determine ash fusion. The Gamma-Metrics Coal Quality Manager (CQM) analyzer from Thermo Electron Corporation provides minute-by-minute analysis of SiO2 , Al2 O3 , Fe2 O3 , CaO, TiO2 , K2 O, and Na2 O in the ash. PacifiCorp installed one of these units in its coal yard to blend coals of differing ash composition, in order to keep the blended coal’s ash softening temperature above 2175degrees F. In order to take advantage of the potential of this instrument several steps had to be taken. First the analyzer had to be rigorously calibrated and evaluated in the field to verify that the desired accuracy was achieved. Meanwhile the utility had to analyze its boiler characteristics and coal characteristics to be able to derive an ash fusion equation appropriate to the plant. Then the necessary operational steps had to be taken to ensure that source coals capable of achieving the target blend could be initially segregated and then blended at the correct ratios. After some startup difficulties, the analyzer and the blending system have been very successful in maximizing the ash softening temperatures, and the plant has substantially reduced its forced outages due to slagging while burning a variety of available fuels.

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