Title: Northeast coal fired power plant uses Evoqua ion exchange resins to remove vanadium from wastewater

When a coal-fired power plant in the Northeast discovered that the runoff from its ash pile contained vanadium levels exceeding discharge limits, it contacted Evoqua Water Technologies, for assistance. Test results showed ion exchange (IX) resin would remove roughly two pounds of metal for every cubic foot of resin. Calculations indicated the entire pond could be treated with less than 60 cubic feet of ion exchange media. The Evoqua’s solution featured two (2) 36” x 72” steel vessels, each containing roughly 30 cubic feet of resin. The tanks were installed in series with sampling ports after each vessel. The final effluent is sent to a holding tank for testing by a statecertified laboratory prior to discharge, to confirm that the vanadium level is within limits. When the resin in the vessels reaches capacity, the local Evoqua service branch is notified and delivers fresh tanks containing new resin to the site. Exhausted tanks are shipped to Evoqua’s RCRA-permitted treatment facility where the contaminants are removed from the resin and recycled into a raw material.

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