Title: BHE Safety relief valves needed by many BHE plants

BHE Safety relief valves needed by many BHE plants We have provided three tiers of information relative to some of the safety relief valve initiatives at BHE. This is a brief summary which links to much more detailed information. This second tier contains links to insurance reports, bidders lists and other full reports. • Pacificorp Currant Creek GTCC plant approved bidders list lists GE ( Consolidated as the preferred supplier with Pentair and Curtiss Wright as acceptable safety relief valve suppliers for a gas turbine combined cycle projects • The Pacificorp Hunter Staton 2002 insurance report discusses a generator failure of the generator and comments on safety relief valves. • A report on Pacificcorp Prospect No. 3 hydroelectric project relicensing covers PRV where critical to ramping events . • There was an investigation into Gas transmission relief valve failure in Utah. • Chehalis generating station energy savings projects analysis conducted by Cascade Energy included relief valves for lubricant filter systems • Lakeside Power Block 2 has relief valves for the ammonia tank and relief valves for the water injection system plus recirculation valves • A biogas generator includes tanks used in the anaerobic digestion process with emergency relief valves With 110 gas turbine power plants, 41 coal fired boilers, 71 compressor stations, and many geothermal, wind and solar plants BHE is a major user of safety relieve valves.

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