Title: Berkshire Hathaway Energy Will Spend $184 Million for Air Filtration and Air Pollution Control Next Year

Berkshire Hathaway has acquired and merged a number of power and gas transmission companies. It has also created BHE Renewables.  The group now known as Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE) will spend $184 million on average for air filtration and air pollution control over the next five years.  Because of its distributed generation and certain other activities in the areas where it supplies electricity, it will indirectly influence purchases of as much as $41 million annually from small generators from whom it is buying electricity or with whom it is collaborating. The connection involves EPCs and consultants each of whom are specifying or buying air treatment equipment and reagents for multiple utilities. So, the market potential is much larger than just what BHE buys.  Also, if the system results in successful early adoption of new technologies the impact on air treatment sales will be widespread.

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