Title: Jim Bridger will require new pond liner

The PacifiCorp Jim Bridger Power Plant is a coal-fueled steam-electric operation with four operating units having a total generating capacity of 2.12 GW, and is located approximately nine miles northeast of Point of Rocks, Wyoming. . FGD Pond 2 is a zero discharge facility and generally evaporates water at the same rate it is disposed of in this pond. It does not have a spillway, or outlet structure. The inlet structure consists of two, 10-inch diameter HDPE pipelines which can discharge at various points along the southern side of the pond. Seepage from the current FGD Pond 2 has created a groundwater plume beneath the general area of the disposal ponds (FGD Ponds 1 and 2). This plume is presently controlled by a series of groundwater pump back wells which discharge the pumped water back into FGD Pond 2. The FGD Pond 2 does not meet the requirements of §257.71 – Liner design criteria for existing CCR surface impoundments, due to absence of an installed geomembrane liner and compacted clay soil liner. The Rule states that existing CCR surface impoundments are considered unlined if “the owner or operator of the CCR unit fails to document whether the CCR unit was constructed with a liner that meets the requirements of paragraphs (a)(1)(i), (ii), or (iii).”

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