Title: Delaware data center will have 50 MW of SCR and oxidation catalysts according to March 2016 air permit application

The MTC project will have the capability to provide up to 62.5 MW of electrical power. The Middletown Technology Center has a projected demand of 50 MW when completed. The other approximately 12.5 MW of capacity represents one 10 MW engine and one 2.5 MW engine that are redundant to the minimum required number to meet the 50 MW load of the facility. Those two engines are necessary from a reliability perspective to cover periods when one of the other 10 MW or 2.5 MW engines are out of service for maintenance or repairs. On occasion when requested by Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (‘DEMEC”), MTC may export power to DEMEC during periods of high electricity demand. The project will contain five (5) Caterpillar C20CM34 and five (5) Caterpillar G3520H natural gas fired reciprocating engines. Air emissions from the engines will be controlled using a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for NOx control and an oxidation catalyst system for CO, VOC and HAP control the five Caterpillar C20CM

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