Title: Metso metal seated flaned butterfly valve for molecular sieve switching

The switching valves on the molecular sieving system plays an important role of directing the inlet/outlet stream of gas into the columns hence switching the columns from an adsorption phase into regeneration phase (and cooling phase) in a preset sequence. Each of the columns would have at least 4 switching valves. These valves are sometimes called dryer sequencing valves. Cycling sequency may vary depending on the molecular sieve system, but typically these valves cycles from three to four times every day. Process has a wide range of temperature and pressure parameters. Temperature range of 25 oC to 400 oC and operating pressure of up to 100 barg are typical in a molecular sieve system. Hence, the valve in service are required to withstand these range of fluctuation in temperature and pressure plus the need of a tight shut-off valve. An additional challenge for switching valves are caused by particulates (molecular dust) coming from molecular sieving columns in regeneration sequence. Operation speed requirement for valves are not demanding, although cycling is done frequently. Metso recommends its Neldisc® Metal Seated Flanged Butterfly Valve; L6 series for this application

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