Title: Many Variables Impact the Market for Industrial Pumps

Global, national, technology and regulatory factors are all shaping the future of the industrial pump industry. The best forecast today may not be the best forecast tomorrow based on some singular event. A case in point would be the surprise decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate the Clean Power Plan. Because China accounts for more than 30 percent of pump purchases, any economic change in that country will potentially have measureable impact on global market forecasts. Pumps World Markets is updated continually to take into account new developments. At one time extraction of oil from onshore and offshore oil platforms was the leading sector of the market. This application has seen substantial but temporary decline. By 2018 this sector will rebound with likely double-digit growth Markets in municipal wastewater treatment, desalination, pharmaceuticals and aquaculture are growing nicely. The market for pumps in desalination …

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  • 2/19/2016


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