Title: Multi-Billion Dollar/Yr. Market to Reduce Mercury in Air and Gas

Mercury reduction is the biggest growth market in air pollution control. Very small quantities of mercury emitted to the air end up in the water and then in humans where serious health problems can result. A few ppb in natural gas pipelines accelerate deterioration of equipment and the pipe. Regulations to limit these pollutants are still evolving. The U.S. has led the way in coal-fired power. This creates an opportunity for U.S. based suppliers to market their solutions to the international market. It is easy to take a myopic view of one industry and make strategy decisions. However, if one considers potential cross pollination among industries and geographies, a whole different picture arises. The U.S. is not the leader in cement, waste-to-energy, natural gas or non-ferrous applications. It is a co-leader in sewage sludge incineration. The leading technologies vary industry to industry. There is the potential for major technology changes based on technologies developed for another industry.

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  • 2/12/2016


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