Title: Reducing the Negative Impact of Coal Firing at Minimum Cost

Coal-fired power plants emit a variety of pollutants. Some are more harmful than others. The best way to minimize the harm from coal-fired power plant emissions is to assign a monetary value to each ton of each pollutant and then develop a program to minimize the total. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year as a result of fine particles in the ambient air. Some of this particulate is fine flyash emitted from power plants. Much of this particulate is sulfates and nitrates formed by reaction of SO2 and NOx with ammonia and other chemicals in the air. This is partially attributable to the SO2 and NOx emissions from power plants. China has recognized the problem and has spent more than any other nation to reduce power plant emissions. Even so there is more that can be done. Other nations such as India are building new coal-fired power plants without the efficient controls now being applied in China. Options for countries are:

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  • 11/13/2015


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