Title: EGTEI methodology: update of costs for LCP- Draft minutes of third meeting of June 11, 2012

Objectives of the meeting The objectives of the meeting were to examine the state of progress of the work by the secretariat CITEPA and KIT, respectively for SO2 / PM (CITEPA) and NOx (KIT). A series of slides for discussion was prepared by the secretariat and discussed during the meeting in order to progress in the estimations (presentation pdf joined to these minutes). Main results of the discussions After some slides describing the main results of the meeting of 31 January, the success of the questionnaires send on April 5th, 2012 was discussed. The EGTEI secretariat has developed two questionnaires. One questionnaire in EXCEL format aims at collecting cost data for plants. A second questionnaire was developed to answer to comments of experts to the document prepared for the January meeting, presenting the methodology and assumption/parameters which have to be updated. This document is a word document summarizing the parameters used in the methodology and asking for comments and/or new data.

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  • 6/11/2012


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