Title: The Biggest Opportunity in Air Pollution Control Is “Total Solutions”

Owners of power plants with air pollution challenges are increasingly looking for suppliers who will provide a “Total Solution.” In the broadest sense, this can be the determination of how to meet the emission goals followed by a turnkey installation with operational and maintenance support. A webinar at 10:00 a.m. CDT on August 20 will review the opportunities and provide owners with options that are available and the advantages of each. This webinar is free of charge. The most common explanation for the lack of “Total Solutions” knowledge in the industry is the retirement of experienced people and the lack of replacements. McIlvaine contends that the real reason is the explosion of knowledge. The complex technology options and support knowledge available to the young engineer are an order of magnitude greater than to his predecessor. If he does not have the same full grasp of the knowledge, it is because there is ten times as much to try to assimilate. This gap between user and supplier knowledge is greatest in developing countries. It is also true in China where much development has taken place, but there are still many areas where international companies have far superior knowledge.

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  • 7/31/2015


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