Title: Measurement of Gas Turbine Emissions including NH3 was Hot Topic Hour on April 17

A good discussion of gas turbine emissions measurement, including particulates, condensibles, NH3, NOx and in the case of oil-firing, SO2. The meeting started with an explanation of the “discussion” concept. McIlvaine has a whole new format with dedicated websites that are free to everyone and then webinars which are free to owner/operators. The webinars are in a discussion format with the background information on the website displayed as the subjects are discussed. Initial comments are made by discussion leaders followed by group participation. One of the subjects that received the most attention was analysis of ammonia slip. Jeremy Whorton of ThermoFisher made a strong case for the use of the NOx differential approach. Jim Staudt of Andover Technologies listed this as one of four major options but pointed out that where the NOx to NH3 ratio is quite high the differential approach is inaccurate. He believes the TDL has advantages where high sulfur oil is being used. Tom McKarns of ECO Physics pointed out that FTIR can measure NH3 along with a number of other gases.

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  • Hot Topic Hour, April 17, 2015





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