Title: Billion Dollar Flow Control and Treatment Market to Reduce Coal Flyash Contamination and To Make Valuable By-products

Coal-fired power plants are being forced to give up their traditional ash ponds to prevent repetition of recent ash spill incidents in Tennessee and the Carolinas. In the U.S. and elsewhere, the discharge limits on effluents are becoming more stringent. As a result, this is generating a new opportunity for suppliers of pumps, valves, filters and centrifuges. This opportunity is being continually analyzed in a number of McIlvaine publications. Zero liquid discharge systems are one solution. Wastewater is purified and reused or evaporated. A number of systems have recently been installed in the U.S., Italy and China. The flyash formerly residing in ponds will be removed and placed in dry landfills or made into useful products. The Chinese have a large program to extract rare earths from the flyash. Centrifuges, clarifiers, hydrocyclones and other sedimentation equipment will play a major role in both process separation and wastewater purification as these flyash landfills are processed. There is…

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  • 6/30/2015


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