Title: Sulfuric Acid Mist Is a Problem Created By Pollutant Reduction

China is among the countries finding that solution of their NOx and SO2 problems create sulfuric acid mist. The environmental impact is serious and has created an urgency for solution. Companies with the solution have a big opportunity to expand their worldwide reach. McIlvaine is conducting a discussion of the problem and the solutions on June 18. More Information Plants which install NOx control systems and scrubbers are creating sulfuric acid mist. The mist plumes are often more visible than the exhaust before the major air pollution control investments. Furthermore, the nearby structures can be quickly damaged by condensing acid mist. This problem creates a major opportunity for a number of companies. Suppliers of processes, sorbents, catalysts, filters and heat exchangers have experience which is now applicable around the world…

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  • 6/15/2015


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