Title: MACT Update Webinar - Hot Topic Hour - May 7, 2015

There are unique site specific factors which are more important in MACT than in MATS. The reason is that in cement, brick and other industrial processes the material being processed may create more air toxics than the fuel. The special focus for this Hot Topic Hour was on dry sorbent injection. The use of hydrated lime was also discussed.

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   Person Information
  •     Dillon, Marty  -  Lhoist North America

  •     Mongoven, Pat  -  Mississippi Lime

   Application Sequencing
 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
 327310 - Cement Manufacturing 水泥生产                
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  • Lhoist North America

  • Mississippi Lime

  • Lime


  • MACT

  • Hot Topic Hour - MACT UPDATE


  • 5/7/2015





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