Title: ClearChem Plus, Durr Ceramic Filter and Heat Exchanger Are the One Stop Shopping Option

For new units (& some existing plants), the combination of ClearChemFSI’s furnace sorbent injection (FSI) and Dürr’s catalytic ceramic filtration (CCF) ensures sufficient acid gas removal, allowing: *Use of condensing heat exchangers (CHX) *Lowering of flue gas exit temperature from ~300+oF to ~140oF *Increase the overall plant efficiency (as a rule of thumb every 40oF lower flue gas temperature equals to 1% efficiency gain) *Maximizes flexibility for profitably meeting retrofit and new plant APC requirements *Most existing unit retrofits can use just ClearChemFSI & Dürr CHX for efficiency gain and avoids NSR *Provides attractive, simple payback terms *ClearChem/Dürr dry ash has no sodium, preserves ash sales & eliminates ash ponds

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  •     Radway, Jerrold  -  ClearChem Development LLC

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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Waste-to-Energy 垃圾焚烧能源              
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  • ClearChem Development LLC

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  • Heat Exchanger

  • Emissions Control


  • EUEC 2015






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