Title: Longking Designs Multi-Unit Dry FGD towers at Sangang Plant

The Sanming Steel and Iron Mill, which has been open since 1958, commissioned the first ever multi-unit tower in 2008. The multi-unit tower lowered both initial investment and operating costs for the dry sintering project. The project is 95% efficient at removing SO2 and handles 1.26 million cubic meters of Flue Gas an hour. 三钢集团180m2+200m2烧结机干法脱硫工程(两机一塔) 机组容量:180m2 + 200m2 系统流程:LJS干法脱硫→布袋除尘器→脱硫风机→烟囱 处理烟气量:1,260,000 m3/h 脱硫效率:95% 出口粉尘浓度:50mg/Nm3 投运时间:2008年11月


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