Title: WATER MANAGEMENT: Ensure a reliable, sufficient supply of quality water to support generation assets, by David Addison and Judy Weir, Thermal Chemistry Ltd.

The purpose of any water treatment plant (WTP) for this industry is to produce a reliable and sufficient supply of product at the quality required by the host plant to support generation operations. Organizations such as EPRI and the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam have long advocated the need to maintain strict quality limits for both makeup and the steam/water cycle to avoid issues such as boiler tube failures and steam-turbine deposition and corrosion. Power generators call their WTPs by different names, some of which refer only to a specific part of the total system—such as deionization or pretreatment. For this presentation, the term WTP refers to all treatment processes used in the production of demineralized makeup from the raw water supplied to the plant. Pretreatment refers to that segment of the WTP producing clarified and/or filtered water for downstream demineralization. It can range from simple chlorination and physical filtration of the water supply to chemical clarification and flocculation followed by sand or multimedia filtration. The demineralization plant refers to the system that removes dissolved ions and produces water of very low conductivity (less than 10 uS/m) and silica (less than 10 ug/L) for boiler makeup, gas-turbine NOx control, etc. The technology may be membrane-based—like reverse osmosis (RO) followed by continuous electrodeionization (CEDI)—or ion exchange, using resin beds. Quality, quantity, and reliability are interlinked, and often the issues impacting one—such as changes in feedwater quality, plant operation, and/or maintenance—affect all. It is difficult to talk about one of these variables without referring to the others…

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