Title: Huaneng Shanxi Yushe Power Plant 2 × 300MW dry desulphurization project (华能山西榆社电厂2×300MW干法脱硫除尘工程)

Two 300MW Dry Scrubbers made by Longking were commissioned for use in 2004 at the Shanxi Yushe Power Plant operated by China Huaneng. Each scrubber handles a little under 2 million m3 of Flue Gas an hour, and takes out 93% of the SO2 content. 华能山西榆社电厂2×300MW干法脱硫除尘工程 机组容量:2×300MW 系统流程:ESP1→LJD干法脱硫→ESP2→引风机→烟囱 处理烟气量:2×1,772,000 m3/h 脱硫效率:93% 出口粉尘浓度:50mg/Nm3 投运时间:2004年10月


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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
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