Title: Dry Sorbent Injection Panel Discussion by Paul Farber, P. Farber & Associates, LLC - Hot Topic Hour July 10, 2014

Paul Farber, Principal, P. Farber & Associates, LLC gave a good overview and was able to consolidate the basic aspects of DSI as follows:  98% reduction of SO3, H2SO4, and HCl possible with DSI  90% reduction of SO2 with DSI has been demonstrated  High percentage reduction of SO2 with DSI can result in the sorbent and reaction products entering the PM control device to be as much as the flyash loading  Where Trona or SBC is injected the collected material will have significant levels of sodium  Leachate tests of flyash/Trona/SBC mixtures have shown increased levels of metals such as selenium as well as sodium.

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  •     Farber, Paul  -  P. Farber & Associates, LLC

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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
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  • 7/10/2014





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