Title: GE Selected by Lihuayi Group to Partner in Phase II Expansion

Lihuayi Group has selected GE's advanced coal gasification process to increase refinery hydrogen production at the Lijin Petrochemical Plant near Dongying city. GE's technology was already installed in the plant's Phase I Oxo aldehyde project, and GE will provide two 45 bar, 450 cubic foot gasifiers to the Phase II project that is scheduled to begin operation in 2015.

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   Person Information
  •     Li Yusheng  -  Lihuayi Group

  •     Yang, Dan  -  GE

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 325110 - Petrochemical Manufacturing 石化产品生产                
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  • GE

  • Lihuayi Group

  • Gasifier

  • Hydrogen Purification




  • Dongying city, Shandong China




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