US Water ZLD System for Coal & Ethanol

McIlvaine interviewed U.S. water personnel at Electric Power about zero liquid discharge systems for power plants as well as biofuels. Information on the Patriot ethanol plant was provided. The following link provides a photo of the stand at Electric Power and a further link to details on the ZLD system at Patriot. This posting to the Global Knowledge Orchard is courtesy of Industeel, a supplier of steels used in ZLD systems. Patriot Renewable Fuels in Annawan IL. included the option to operate as a ZLD facility in the interests of conserving water.. During 2009, Patriot made the decision to voluntarily convert (as opposed to a regulatory mandate) to full ZLD operations and eliminate the discharge stream. Water usage was at approximately 2.9 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol produced prior to implementing ZLD. During the transition, water usage has been reduced to about 2.0 gallons per gallon of ethanol, nearly a one third reduction. This amounts to a savings of 100 million gallons of water per year. An article about this plant appears in Water World. http://www.waterworld.com/index/display/article-display/5870175047/articles/industrial-waterworld/volume-11/issue-2/feature-editorial/renewable-fuels-facility-implements-zero-liquid-discharge.html?cmpid=EnlWaterWorldIndustrialMay242011

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