Aqua-Pure Evaporators Are Key to Mobile Treatment System for Oil Sands

Aqua-Pure Ventures is an oilfield engineering and services firm that has developed and commercialized cutting-edge technology that transforms wastewater from a liability to an asset. Its primary operating unit, Fountain Quail Water Management, deploys state-of-the-art mobile treatment units in shale gas plays across North America, delivering cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternatives to wastewater disposal Fountain Quail utilizes breakthrough evaporator technology developed and process-patented by its Canadian-based parent company, Aqua-Pure Ventures. The Aqua-Pure evaporator is more compact and efficient than competitive systems. These advantages have led to the development of the skid-mounted NOMAD system for oilfield customers that can benefit from mobile treatment solutions This posting is courtesy of Industeel who makes corrosion resistant steels for evaporators

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