Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers Use Exotic Alloys to Meet Tough Demands

Tranter plate heat exchangers can match very specific capacity and media requirements for many different processes within the pulp & paper industry. Very often the medias contain fibres and solids which can be matched with r special Wide-Gap plates. The fact that heat exchangers deliver the highest performance using the least material is particularly important where exotic alloys are required for handling The greatest variety of applications for heat exchangers is found in the chemical industry, reflecting the enormous variety of chemicals produced and the wide variety of capacities required. Tranter plate heat exchangers are capable of matching each application - from the cooling of sulphuric acid or chlorine from absorbers to applications involving fine chemicals, synthetic fibres, polyols, aldehydes, etc. This posting is courtesy of Industeel who supplies corrosion resistant steel plate for heat exchanger applications

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