Superplast Steels from Industeel Are Used in Molds for Plastic and Other Industries

Industeel has developed the Superplast® family to meet the needs of the moldmakers, molders and end-users in the plastics industry and more especially to allow significant cost savings in mold manufacturing and mold production as well. Its patented chemical composition offers a number of advantages overs standard grades, including improved machining and welding characteristics and reduced cycle times through improved thermal conductivity. Its chemistry ensures also a perfect hardness consistency through the thickness even for very big blocks. Indeed, the various Superplast® products are available in a wide range of dimensions, with thicknesses from 15 to 950 mm. The Superplast® family includes a number of products meeting different needs, for instance Superplast® Stainless, a new 320 HB pre-hardened stainless grade designed specifically for mold bases

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