SuperElso® Steels for Equipment Subject to Very Heavy Loads

SuperElso® is a range of quenched and tempered steel plates combining high yield strength (500 to 1100 MPa) and excellent toughness. They are generally used to build stationary or mobile equipment subjected to very heavy loads. Two advantages are the considerable reduction in dead weight of the structures and in the empty weight of moving equipment, with corresponding energy savings. Specific grades especially suited for structural and pressure equipment in the offshore and onshore oil & gas industry are also available, including hydrogen resistance properties as well as high fracture toughness. Industeel's extensive know-how and the care taken in producing this range of high strength plates ensures excellent welding, forming, thermal cutting and machining characteristics. If you need steel particularly suitable for pressure vessels in which H2S is present, SuperElso® 500 HIC or the CarElso® family are made for you.

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