CryElso® from Industeel for Cryogenic Steel for LNG and Other Applications

Storage and transport of liquefied gases demand the highest level of safety, a criteria that is fully satisfied by CryElso . Using a special steelmaking process based on an electric arc furnace with special ladle metallurgy and vacuum degassing as well as including desulfurization and deep dephosphorization, Industeel's CryElso® range offers the best balance between strength, toughness and weldability for these low-temperature applications, with special attention paid to crack arrest properties. The CryElso® family includes a complete range of cyrogenic steel grades from 0.5%Ni to 9% Ni steels, designed for the storage and transport of gases from propane to LNG. 36% Ni steel can also be available in collaboration with ArcelorMittal Stainless & Nickel

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 211112 - Natural Gas Liquid Extraction                
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