Steel Making Applications for Industeel

Summary A steel plant comprises a very wide range of installations (primarily thermal) to prepare and process the materials used to make steel. These installations require diverse types of steel capable of resisting severe operating conditions in terms of abrasion, impacts, fatigue, cracking, corrosion and temperature. The operator must ensure continuous operation of all plant installations. Decisions concerning the steels used for steelmaking equipment are of great importance and the goal is to determine the properties that will guarantee the best operating conditions, the least down time and the maximum service life of the equipment used. Industeel proposes a wide range of abrasive-resistant steel solutions to keep steelmaking equipment up and running far longer, thereby eliminating costly downtime, production losses and unnecessary investments in additional equipment. In addition to abrasion resistance, Industeel products offer uniform wear and high workability. Industeel has solutions for the needs of all types of steelmaking equipment, including high yield strength, impact strength, corrosion resistance and temperature withstand. And beyond standard products, Industeel has the necessary know-how to find effective solutions to new problems as well as more cost-effective alternatives for existing solutions.

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 331111 - Iron and Steel Mills                
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