Mining Applications for Industeel Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Steels

Ores are a mixture of rock and minerals from which metal oxides, non-metallic minerals or coal can be extracted. After removing them from the earth, ores are processed mechanically and metal ores (iron, copper, nickel, etc.) are subjected to metallurgical processing to refine them into the final product. Mechanical operations include crushing, sorting, grinding, screening, decanting, filtering and drying. Metallurgical operations include hydrometallurgical or pyrometallurgical processes in conjunction with final refining by electrolysis. Mining products include coal and metals such as iron, copper and nickel. Quarries produce industrial raw materials such as limestone for cement works or clay for brick plants. They also provide marble and granite for ornamental applications or aggregates such as sand and gravel for the construction industry. For both mining and quarrying, production must remain continuously operational. This means minimum downtime and maximum service life for the equipment used. To achieve this, one of the main problems to be solved is abrasion. In both mines and quarries, the abrasive nature of the processed materials results in continuous wear on the equipment, leading to scheduled shutdowns for maintenance or replacement or, even worse, unintentional shutdowns due to failures. Industeel proposes a wide range of abrasive-resistant steel solutions to keep mining and quarry equipment up and running far longer, thereby eliminating costly downtime, production losses and unnecessary investments in additional equipment. In addition to abrasion resistance, Industeel products offer uniform wear and high workability. Industeel also has solutions providing high yield strength, impact strength, corrosion resistance and temperature withstand, as needed by many applications in this industry. And beyond standard products, Industeel has the necessary know-how to find effective solutions to new problems as well as more cost-effective alternatives for existing solutions.

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