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·        Headlines for the February 1, 2013 – Utility E-Alert

·        Smart Pumps Will Help Drive Pump Revenues to $46 Billion in 2017

·        Instrument and Control Market for Ultrapure Water Will Exceed $468 Million This Year

·        North America Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Update Headlines for January 2013


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February 14, 2013


NOx Control for Gas Turbines      


February 21, 2013


Monitoring  and Controlling Boiler Steam Cycle Chemistry      


February 28, 2013


Implementation of the Utility MACT Rule      


March 7, 2013


HRSG Design, Operation and Maintenance Considerations      


March 14, 2013


Inlet Air Pretreatment for Gas Turbines      


March 21, 2013


Industrial Boiler MACT Impact and Control Options      


March 28, 2013


Mercury Measurement and Control      


April 4, 2013


Fabric Selection for Particulate Control      


April 11, 2013


Air Pollution Control for Gas Turbines     


April 18, 2013


Multi-pollutant Control Technology      


April 25, 2013


Control Technologies for Fine Particulate Matter     


May 2, 2013


Flyash Pond and Wastewater Treatment Issues     


May 9, 2013


Clean Coal Technologies     


May 16, 2013


Power Plant Automation and Control     


May 23, 2013


Cooling Towers      


May 30, 2013


Air Pollution Control Markets (geographic trends, regulatory developments, competition, technology developments)     

   Market Intelligence

June 6, 2013


Report from Power-Gen Europe (update on regulations, speaker and exhibitor highlights)     


June 13, 2013


Monitoring and Optimizing Fuel Feed, Metering and Combustion in Boilers     


June 20, 2013


Dry Sorbent Injection and Material Handling for APC     


June 27, 2013


Power Generation Forecast for Nuclear, Fossil and Renewables      

   Market Intelligence

July 11, 2013


New Developments in Power Plant Air Pollution Control     


July 18, 2013


Measurement and Control of HCl     


July 25, 2013


GHG Compliance Strategies, Reduction Technologies and Measurement


August 1, 2013


Update on Coal Ash and CCP Issues and Standards     


August 8, 2013


Improving Power Plant Efficiency and Power Generation      


August 15, 2013


Control and Treatment Technology for FGD Wastewater     


August 22, 2013


Status of Carbon Capture and Storage Programs and Technology     


August 29, 2013


Pumps for Power Plant Cooling Water and Water Treatment Applications     


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Headlines for the February 1, 2013 – Utility E-Alert   


#1110– February 1, 2013  

Table of Contents 












For more information on the Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System, click on: http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72


Smart Pumps Will Help Drive Pump Revenues to $46 Billion in 2017

Pump suppliers will experience rising sales resulting in just under $46 billion in revenue by 2017.  This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in Pumps World Market.  (www.mcilvainecompany.com)

Industrial Pump Revenues ($ Millions)

World Region






East Asia


Eastern Europe


Middle East




South & Central America


West Asia


Western Europe




The early pump companies were foundries. Completive edge and greater revenue were based around manufacturing skills.  Today the pump industry is much more focused on providing solutions for customers. This can include purchased components and software.  These auxiliaries are reflected in the revenues reported by the companies.

A significant part of the growth is due to the “smart pump” offerings.  Smart pumps can be integrated directly into plant distributed control systems. They reduce maintenance and improve performance.

The Grundfos smart DDA pump comes as a package with:

·         Flow Control with selective fault diagnosis

·         Pressure monitoring

·         Flow measurement

·         Intuitive and self-explanatory menu

·         Click wheel (turn-and-push knob)

·         Big graphical LCD with four color “traffic light” concept

·         More than 25 languages

It has the ability to improve the dosing function for pH control, disinfection, or cleaning–in-place.

Pump company “smart” revenues can extend to retrofits on competitors pumps.

PumpSmart® from ITT is an intelligent flow system that works with any pump, utilizing smart VFD controller and proprietary control software to provide advanced process control, enhanced reliability through failure prevention, reduced life cycle costs and lower energy costs.

ITT also offers ProSmart® which is a multi-patented, low cost, wireless predictive condition monitoring system that provides continuous online monitoring, alerting operators to alarm conditions via email or telephone.

Four years ago Colfax Corporation developed an intelligent concept pump with the ability to monitor its performance, adjust to changing conditions and order its own replacement parts - all without human supervision.  The TX2020 can operate by itself at a remote pumping location or be connected to a network of pumps managed at a central office.

TX2020 pump software includes a preventive maintenance calendar and, based on foreseen needs or detected problems, the ability to determine which parts need replacement and issue a purchase order for them. For marine applications the TX2020 can even provide a preprogrammed list of the service stations closest to the vessel, with full coordinates and contact details. The software also maintains precise records, in the form of an electronic log book operators can use to track performance trends over time.

These examples are part of a trend among pump suppliers to supply the “smart” auxiliaries.

For more information on Pumps World Markets, click on:  



Instrument and Control Market for Ultrapure Water Will Exceed $468 Million This Year

The electronics and power industries in Asia will make the most contribution toward generating $468 million in ultrapure instrument and control sales this year. This is the conclusion in Ultrapure Water World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.  (www.mcilvainecompany.com)


Instruments and Controls for Ultrapure Water ($ Thousands)




Coal-fired Power




Flat Panel


Gas Turbines


Industrial Power


Other Industries





















Control requirements for ultrapure water are demanding due to the need to integrate a number of purification processes.  The need to reduce contamination to very low levels challenges the instrument suppliers.

In the semiconductor industry, ultrapure water takes the following path:

• Pretreatment

• Make-up

• Polishing

• Distribution Systems

• Recovery

• Reuse & Reclaim.

The steps to reuse and reclaim have developed over the last decade and add to the control complexity.  For example, consider just the treatment of Copper CMP Wastewater.  One of the turnkey solutions suppliers is Ovivo.  Their process adds a catalyst to copper waste utilizing the oxidant present to form a strong oxidizer. The strong oxidizer breaks down the complexed copper and reduces the wastewater’s organic concentration. Copper can then be precipitated as copper hydroxide and removed with the slurry particles. Ovivo’s advanced oxidation process is notable for:

• Lowest chemical consumption

• Achieving stringent wastewater discharge requirements

• Reducing not only copper, but also organics

Preventive maintenance requirements are often included in the automation system. The reverse osmosis system is maintenance prone. The filters need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. The differential measurement can be used to determine at which point the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Typically, a pressure switch is used in these applications; however, problems can arise from vibration and pressure surges in the system. 

One semiconductor facility switched to a Yokogawa EJA transmitter which produced consistently accurate output, resulting in better process efficiency and less maintenance downtime.

Ultrapure water control and instrumentation requirements for coal-fired power plants have become more challenging with the advent of ultra-supercritical designs, the high pressures and high temperatures along with the increased water purity requirements.

For more information on Ultrapure Water World Markets, click on: http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php/component/content/article?id=71#n029


          Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Update

January 2013




$14.8 Million for New Rainbow City WWTP


Davis to Consider WWTP Options

Petaluma Seeks Ways to Handle Industrial Waste


$50 Million Upgrade Proposed for East Shore WWTP

Cheshire Requesting Bids for WWTP Upgrade 


$35 Million Biosolids Facility for Wilmington WWTP


$90.9 Million for Islamorada Wastewater Project

Haines City WWTP to Produce Fertilizer


Richmond Hills Needs New Wastewater Treatment Facility


New WWTP for Benton

Streator to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Plant

Further Improvements Approved for La Salle Wastewater Plant

Streator will spend $2 Million for New WWTP Equipment


Indianapolis WWTP Purchases New Bar Screens

Anderson Needs New Wastewater Treatment Facility


Le Mars Delays Awarding Wastewater Project Bid


Newton Plans Major Upgrade to Wastewater Treatment Plant


Pontiac WWTP Has Odor Control Problem


East Grand Forks Must Move Forward with WWTP Project


Greenwood Requesting Bids for New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Desoto County Enters Public-Private Partnership with Severn Trent Services


Opposition to Rock Mount Wastewater Treatment Plant

$13 Million for Fulton WWTP Upgrade

Work Begins on $55.6 Million WWTP in Cape Girardeau

$18 Million for Kirksville WWTP Project


Exeter Planning New Wastewater Treatment Plant


Santa Fe County Requesting Bids for WWTP Project


DEP Completes $280 Million Upgrade to Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

Long Island WWTP Expansion uses WesTech Equipment


Bids too High for Columbus Wastewater Treatment Project


Charges Filed Against Washington Court House for Contempt Of Court; $3 Million Owed To Ohio EPA


Long Grove Reviews Bids for WWTP Project


DEQ Orders Gold Hill to Repair WWTP


Allentown Issues New RFP on Water, Sewer Lease


Georgetown Wastewater Plant Needs Improvements


Pump Replacement at Jackson Utility Saves Money


Brownwood Moves Forward with Unique Wastewater Plant


Hopewell Plans $5 Million WWTP Project


$2.5 Million for Lind WWTP


Kirkland Lake Breaks Ground on New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Milton Requesting Bids for Wastewater Project


Parker Wastewater Plant Buys Free Wave Technologies Automate Monitoring Systems with Wireless Data Communications

Xylem Showcases New Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions at International Water Summit



For more information, click on: North America Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71#62ei



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