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This bi-weekly Scrubber/Adsorber Insights provides excerpts from the McIlvaine Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Markets. It also provides excerpts from related publications. The market report provides the latest forecasts, market shares and insights relative to technology and opportunities.



·        Continuous Analyses of Energy and Environmental Subjects Now Available

·        Dry Scrubbing Is The Topic on March 27, 2014

·        Provide Your Input to Scrubber Design Options for Calcium Reagents

·        Oil & Gas Sales Leads Headlines - March 25, 2014

·        World Power Generation Project Headlines – General Project Information - Startup Date: 2014



Continuous Analyses of Energy and Environmental Subjects Now Available

McIlvaine is launching a series of websites covering Industry Options.  Each contains one or more continuing analyses of the decisions which the designer and operator have to make.

The websites already launched are:

·         Gas Turbine Air Treatment – Continuous Analyses

·         Gas Turbine Emission Control - Continuous Analyses

·         Dry Scrubbing - Continuous Analyses

·         Mercury Removal - Continuous Analyses

Websites under construction are:

·         Drinking Water Filtration - Continuous Analyses

·         Secondary Wastewater Treatment - Continuous Analyses

·         Steam Valves - Continuous Analyses

·         Wet Scrubber Design Options For Calcium Reagent

Access to each website is free to anyone.  The intelligence system with all the background information is also free with no password required.  Additional papers, presentations, etc. are invited. This includes text in other languages as long as an English summary is included. A special emphasis will be given to capturing the intelligence being generated in China.

The background information will be evaluated and Continuous Analyses prepared. These continuous analyses will provide independent evaluation of the life cycle costs and performance of all the various system and component options. Access to these analyses will be free to owner/operators but will require a subscription for others.

Suppliers can choose to have McIlvaine conduct an Application Audit. This audit is a white paper with third party experts making independent evaluations. The niche experts making these evaluations will be encouraged to focus on a very narrow area to ensure that they have unsurpassed knowledge of the subject. The Application Audits will be posted and free to anyone.

There will be periodic webinars on each subject. For example, there will be several continuing analyses under Gas Turbine Emission Control. One will deal with CEMS. A webinar will be held on April 17th to debate six different approaches to measuring NH3. This follows previous webinars on the subject and a feature article in Air Pollution Control magazine. Two webinars relative to continuing analyses on mercury reduction are also scheduled.

Webinars are free to plant owner/operators, but there is a charge for others. Here is the near-term schedule:  Hot Topic Hour Schedule


Dry Scrubbing Is The Topic on March 27, 2014

On March 27th we will be comparing SDA, CFB and other CDS designs including NID and GSA. We will be reviewing every aspect in which the designs differ and discuss the merits of these differences.  Webinar registrants will have access to the information posted in the intelligence system.

Dry Scrubbing - Continuous Analyses


The format will be a series of questions which are first addressed by the panelists and then the other participants.  We have panelists who are third party experts on dry scrubbers. They are:



One task will be to try to come to agreement relative to decisive classification and the specific nomenclature.  We have selected the first split at Chamber vs. In-duct.   Maybe better words are vessel and DSI but, in any case, we will be trying to resolve the nomenclature issues in the webinar next week. 

We will be focused on the comparison of the major alternatives. If the chamber options are circulating dry scrubbers and SDA, how do they compare?  Paul Farber has contributed several good papers and will be a panelist next week.  Here is how we summarized one of his analyses of SDA and CDS:

·         SO2 Capture Capability - Advantage To CDS

·         Fuel Flexibility - Advantage To CDS

·         Load Flexibility - Advantage To SDA

·         Utilities Consumption - Slight Advantage To SDA

·         Waste Production - Advantage To SDA


There is still the need to breakdown CDS. What is the next level among CFB, GSA, NID, etc?  How many segments should be at one level and should there be sub-segments?

We are looking at dual fluid nozzles vs. rotary atomizers, the size of NIDS nozzles, air slides vs. screw conveyors and many other components. We are focusing right now on the chamber segment but we already have a great deal of DSI information on the site.  This site is free to one and all although the webinars and continuing analyses are more restricted.  Let us know what you think of this very different new approach.

To register for the webinar, click on:



Provide Your Input to Scrubber Design Options for Calcium Reagents

We are preparing a website on calcium based wet scrubbers similar to the one on dry scrubbing.  We will be looking at the four main components which are gas (flow rate and distribution), liquid (droplet size and distribution), slurry exposure (time and sequence) and droplet elimination.

There are three basic designs of limestone scrubbers.  Here is a starting point relative to assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each:






Pump Power




Fan Power




Plugging Potential








Experience Ranking






Babcock & Wilcox, Wheelabrator (FW)





Particulate Removal




Biggest Concern

Tray Plugging

Nozzle Plugging

Level Control

Efficiency Increase Routes

2nd Tray

More Spray Banks

Higher Level Differential


Within each category there are sub-categories.  The tray design includes perforated plates and several variations.  One is called the rod deck and was installed at Cilco Duck Creek Three and Northern States Power Sherburne. Instead of round holes, there is the open area between parallel pipes about 2-e inches in diameter.

There are significant variations among spray tower designs. For example, MHI has a double contact with down flow followed by upflow.  This design utilizes rapid air flow.  The air velocity is one of the big questions.  It can be 10-20 fps.  At lower flows there is more retention time. At higher flows there is more turbulence.  It can be argued that the turbulence is more important in the reaction than is the retention time.  There is a tradeoff between vessel size and pressure loss.

The role of mist eliminators cannot be underestimated. The question is when you have higher turbulence do you need better mist elimination?   Efficiency, water (for cleaning) consumption, pressure loss and configuration all need to be reviewed.

The role of nozzles varies greatly between the spray tower and other types. It is critical in the spray tower design, but may be relatively unimportant in the other designs. 

We are now preparing the website for “Scrubber Design Options for Calcium Reagents” and welcome input which will be relevant.  Much of it will come from our existing FGD & DeNOx Knowledge System which we have been compiling since 1974.  But we need to make use of the latest Insights and look forward to your contribution.






March 25, 2014


Oil and Gas Project Tracking is available at a discount to Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Market report subscribers.


Treatment chemicals are an important addition to most oil and gas processes. Access to details on worldwide oil and gas projects is provided at a substantial discount to Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Market report subscribers.  


Sales Lead Data Search by Project Startup Date

(Listed by most current date)


·         Old Dutch/Aurora Refinery Site Cleanup

·         Paldiski LNG Terminal

·         Sunshine Oilsands Thickwood SAGD Project

·         South Pars Phase 11

·         North Sea Rigid Pipelay Projects

·         Punxsutawney Water Treatment Facility

·         DOE Eighteen Carbon-Capture Project Awards

·         Longlake Oil Sands Upgrade Project

·         KBR Refinery Revamp Project

·         Jurong Island LPG Project

·         Mizushima-A Oil Refinery Consolidation Project

·         Costa Sur Natural Gas Project

·         Petrobras UPGN-ROTA 3 Project

·         Reef Subsea West Africa Projects

·         UPS LNG Fueling Stations

·         GE Marine Gas Turbine-powered LNG Carrier

·         Geelong Refinery Waste Water Project

·         Greater Sunrise Gas Project

·         OriginOil Water-cleansing Technology

·         Gulf of Finland LNG Plant

·         Helix Energy Solutions Well Intervention System Contract

·         Johor Petrochemical Complex

·         Holland Combined Cycle Power Plant

·         Johan Sverdrup Field Engineering Phase 1

·         Petrobras URE Project

·         Sasol Synfuels Project Services Contract

·         Miguel Hidalgo Refinery Expansion

·         Maysan Oil Refinery

·         SPDC JV Nigeria Projects

·         AOC Master Gas System Expansion Project

·         Argentina Cañadón Alfa Plant Turbocharger Installation

·         Atwick Gas Storage Facility Upgrade

·         Natref’s Clean Fuels 2 Project

·         Basrah Gas Flare Reduction Project

·         Shell Proposed World-scale Ethane Cracker

·         Borouge Engineering Contract

·         Browse LNG Project

·         Texas Clean Energy Project, Captain Clean Energy Project

·         Chevron Phillips Chemical Polyethylene Plants

·         New Carlisle Power Plant

·         Leighton Engineering Malaysia Contracts

·         SAGD Projects

·         Santos Basin Pre-salt FPSO Projects

·         Canning Basin Gas Development Project

·         Statoil's Tyrihans Field Project



These sales leads are part of Oil, Gas, Shale and Refining Markets and Projects, and are issued bi-weekly. As a subscriber to Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Market you receive a 30 percent discount for this service.


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World Power Generation Projects

New power plant projects are tracked continuously and revised startup summaries are published monthly.  Here are plants starting up in 2014.

General Project Information

Startup Date - 2014


 Location Comment

 Project Title


 Santa Cruz province

 Rio Turbio CFB power plant-Yacimientos Carboniferos Rio Turbio


 Queensland, Mount Isa

 Diamantina 1 combined cycle-APA Group/AGL Energy


 Western Australia

 Coolimba gas-fired project-Aviva and AES


 Western Australia

 Three Springs open cycle power project-ERM Power


 Western Australia, Pilbara region, at Newman plant

 Yarima combined cycle plant-BHP Billiton



 Shimal 2 combined cycle-Azerenergy


 near Baku

 Severnaya 2 combined cycle-Azerenerji OJSC



 Meghnaghat 2-Bangladesh Power Dev. Board



 Kodda combined cycle-Rural Power Co.


 Khulna, neat Mongla port

 Chalna-Bangladesh Power Development Board/NTPC



 Siddhirganj combined cycle-Electricity Generation Co. of Bangladesh



 Baixada Fluminense power plant-Petrobras



 Maranhao state combined cycle power plant-MPX Power



 Maua 3 combined cycle power plant-UTE


 Rio Grande do Sul

 Seival project-MPX Energia/E.On project



 Haynes 5,6 repower-Los Angeles DWP


 Los Angeles county

 Watson Cogen Reliability Project



 Estevan (Boundary Dam 3) rebuild and repower-SaskPower



 Ningde 1,2 nuclear power plant-Datang Inter. Power/Guangdong Nuclear Power


 Fujian, Sanshan town

 Fuqing 1,2 nuclear power plant-China National Nuclear Corp.


 Guangdong province, Dongping township

 Yangjiang 1,2 nuclear power plant-China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co.


 Guangdong, Chixi Town

 Taishan 1,2 nuclear power plant-EDF/China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp.



 Fangjiashan 1,2


 Zhejiang province, Jiantiao

 Sanmen 1, 2 nuclear power plant-State Nuclear Power Technology Co.

 Czech Republic


 Kladno cogeneration unit-Alpiq Generation



 6th October addition-Cairo Electricity Production Co.



 Giza North combined cycle-Cairo Electricity Production Co.


 in greater Cairo area near industrial areas of Helwan and Maadi, Banha

 El Tebbin power plant-Middle Delta Electricity Production Co.


 Palm Beach county

 Riviera Beach combined cycle-Florida Power & Light



 Warren County biomass-fired power plant-Oglethorpe Power



 Wilhelmshaven 2-GDF


 at Currenta GmbH chemical production site

 Leverkusen combined cycle power plant-Repower



 Mittelsburenpower plant-Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Bremen



 Moorburg 1,2-Vattenfall Europe



 Westfalen D,E supercritical-RWE


 Lee County

 Nelson combined cycle plant-Invenergy


 Andhra Pradesh

 Visakhapatnam (Vizag) 1,2-Hinduja National Power Corp.



 Bongaigaon power project-NTPC



 Barauni TPS expansion (1,2)-BSEB



 Barh I (1-3) supercritical-National Thermal Power Corp.


 Bihar, near Patna

 Barh II (4,5)-National Thermal Power Corp. (NTPC)


 Bihar, Sirdala, Nawada

 Global Powmin power plant



 Salora 1-3-Vandana Vidyut



 Champa supercritical power project-Moser Baer



 Marwa power project (Janjajir Champa)-Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board


 Chhattisgarh, Janjgir district, Champa

 Baradarha power project- DB Power Ltd.


 Gujarat, Junagad district

 Sarkhadi Phase I supercritical power plant-Gujarat State Electricity Corp.


 Gujarat, Kutch district, Bhadreshwar

 Mundra supercritical power plant-Adani Power



 Bokaro 4 supercritical power plant-Damodar Valley Corp.


 Jharkhand, Latehar district

 Chandwa (Matrishri Usha Jayaswal)-Tata Power/Abhijeet (JAS Infrastructure)



 Nandikur power plant expansion-Udupi Power Corp.



 Bellary 3 (Yaramaras) supercritical expansion-Karnataka Power Corp.


 Karnataka, Raichur district

 Yeramarus power project-Karnataka Power Corp.


 Madhya Pradesh

 Betul (Satpura 10, 11) district power plant-Madhya Pradesh Power Generating



 Chandrapur power plant-CESC (RPG)


 Maharashtra, Chandrapur

 Dhariwal 1,2


 Orissa, near Angul

 Derang (Angul I) power plant-Jindal India Thermal Power


 Orissa, Odisha

 Dhenkanal (Kamalanga)-GMR Energy


 Punjab, Nalash Nabha

 Rajpura supercritical power plant-Punjab State Electricity Board


 Punjab, Tarn Taran

 Goindwal supercritical expansion-GVK Group



 Ramgarh III combined cycle expansion-RRVUNL


 Rajasthan, Banswara

 Chhabra 1-4-Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam


 Rajasthan, Jhalawar district

 Kalisindh power plant-Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam


 Tamil Nadu

 Tuticorin power plant (Mutiara)-Coal & Oil Group (Dubai)


 Tamil Nadu

 Kalpakkam nuclear power plant-Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam


 Tamil Nadu, Chennai

 Vallur 2,3-Tamil Nadu Electricity Board/National Thermal Power Corp.


 Tamil Nadu, Cuddalore

 Tuticorin expansion-Neyveli Lignite Corp./Tamil Nadu Elect. Board


 Uttar Pradesh, near Kanpur

 Anpara D (6,7)-Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd.


 Uttar Pradesh, Rihandnagar, Sonehbadra district

 Rihand III 5,6-NTPC


 West Bengal

 Durgapur 8 power plant-Durgapur Projects



 Bali Phase I power plant-China Huadian Group



 Kalimantan power plant with aluminum smelter-NALCO


 Central Kalimantan

 Bengkanai power plant-PLN


 South Sulawesi

 Jeneponto expansion-Bosowa Group


 South Sumatra

 Muara Enim (South Sumatra 6) power plant-PT Bumi Resources Indonesia


 West Kalimantan

 Bengkayang power plant-PLN



 Amara power plant



 Dibis expansion-Kirkuk power plant



 Erbil conversion to combined cycle



 Zubaidiya power plant-Shanghai Electric



 Rumaila-Basra power plant-Iraqi Ministry of Electricity


 north of Baghdad

 Baiji power plant--Iraqi Ministry of Electricity


 Northern Kurdistan area

 Khormala Phase I combined cycle power plant



 Tzafit combined cycle-Dalia Power Energies



 Chiba expansion-Tokyo Electric Power



 Joetsu combined cycle power plant-Chubu Electric



 Kakogawa works power plant-Kobe Steel



 Al Manakher power plant-Amman Asia Electric Power



 IPP4 Al-Manakher power plant-AES Corp.


 Grant County

 Rubart Station-Mid-Kansas Electric Co.



 Az Zour steam tail addition-Al Ghanim International



 Zouk power plant



 Jiyeh power plant



 Tripoli West expansion-Gecol (General Electricity Co. of Libya)



 Westfield (Pioneer Valley Energy) combined cycle power plant


 Papar district, Sabah

 Kimanis combined cycle power plant-Petronas Gas and Yayasan Sabah


 on grounds of Presidente Juarez plant, Playas de Rosarito, Baja California

 Baja California II-Comision Federal de Electricidad


 Pedro Escobedo, Queretaro

 El Sauz combined cycle plant


 Sonora state

 Caridad II-Minera Mexico


 Yautepec, Morales state

 Centro combined cycle-CFE



 Jorf Lasfar expansion (5,6)



 Ressano Garcia power plant-Gigawatt-Mozambique


 Kemper County

 David M Ratcliffe (Liberty) IGCC-Mississippi Power


 Thakayta township

 Yangon combined cycle-Busan Korea Biotech., Hyundai, Hana Daetoo Securities



 Lonesome Creek 1,2,3 peaking power plant-Basin Electric


 next to Stateline I, Williams county

 Pioneer 1,2,3 peaking power plant-Basin Electric



 Calabar Cross River State power plant-Essar African Holdings


 Abia state

 Alaoji combined cycle project



 Gloucester County combined cycle-West Deptford Energy LLC


 Cricket Valley

 Dover combined cycle (Cricket Valley)-Advanced Power Services



 Sur combined cycle plant-Oman Power and Water Procurement



 Muzaffarpur Stage II-NTPC and BSEB


 Marcona district, Ica region

 El Faro-Shougang Generacion Electrica (Shougesa)



 Negros Occidental power plant-Global Business Power Corp.



 Global Business Power plant expansion in Toledo City



 Yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2 combined cycle power plant-OJSC Third Generation Co.



 Mosenergo TET-12 combined cycle


 Leningrad region

 Tikhvin power plant-Transmashenergo



 Ogorodny Proezd-Novomoskovskaya



 Nyagan combined cycle power plant-GRES


 St. Petersburg

 Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant

 Saudi Arabia


 Qurayyah combined cycle IPP1

 Saudi Arabia

 Al Jubail

 Wasit cogeneration plant-Saudi Aramco

 Saudi Arabia

 Eastern region of country

 Qurayyah combined cycle conversion-Saudi Electric Co.



 Novi Sad combined cycle



 Tuas 5 combined cycle plant-Tuas Power Ltd. (Huaneng Power International)


 Jurong Island

 Banyan district combined cycle power plant-Sembcorp



 Mochovce 3,4 nuclear power plant-Slovenske Elektrarne

 South Korea


 Pocheon combined cycle

 South Korea


 Pohang Works expansion-POSCO

 South Korea


 Shin Kori 3 and 4 nuclear power plant

 South Korea


 Yeongheung 5,6

 South Korea


 Dongducheon combined cycle-Dongducheon Dream Power

 Sri Lanka


 Puttalam power project-Ceylon Electricity Board



 Torsvik cogen power plant-Jonkoping Energi



 Swaida combined cycle plant-Iran Power Plant Projects Management Co.



 Nong Saeng District independent power project--J Power



 Power Generation Supply power plant



 Wang Noi 4 combined cycle expansion-Egat


 Songkhla province

 Chana combined cycle expansion (2)-EGAT



 Eurostar power plant-MetCap


 Hatay province

 Erzin district combined cycle power plant-Akenerji



 Lebap fast track gas turbine power plant-Calik Enerji


 Akhal region

 Ak Bugdai gas turbine power plant-Calik Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret



 Turkmenabat fast track gas turbine power plant



 Channel expansion-Calpine


 Grayson county

 Sherman combined cycle power plant-Panda


 Harris county

 Deer Park expansion-Calpine


 Hidalgo county

 Red Gate power plant-South Texas Electric Coop.


 Llano County, near Marble Falls

 Ferguson combined cycle power plant-LCRA


 near Madisonville

 Madison Bell Energy Center-Navasota Energy Partners


 Tyer county

 Woodville-East TX Electric Coop


 Essex, London Gateway Logistics Park

 Coryton power plant-InterGen


 Hillhouse International Business Park

 Thornton Cleveleys combined cycle power plant-Wyre Power


 North Tyneside

 Tyne Renewable Energy Center-MGT Power



 Drax biomass power project (Ouse Renewable Energy Plant)


 Waterford Harbor, Co. Wexford

 Great Island combined cycle-SSE

 United Arab Emirates

 Abu Dhabi

 Shuweihat 3 power project-Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

 United Arab Emirates

 Abu Dhabi

 Al Shuweihat power and desalination expansion-Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity



 Lake Side 2 combined cycle expansion-PacifiCorp


 Binh Thuan province

 Vinh Tan 3.2-Vietnam Electricity (EVN)/One Energy


 Quang Ninh

 Mao Khe-Vinacomin


 Thanh Hoa province

 Nghi Son Economic Zone (Cong Thanh) 1 power plant-EVN


 Port of Kalama, Cowlitz county

 Kalama Energy Center--Energy Northwest plant



 Cheyenne Prairie combined cycle power plant-Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power



 Nava Bharat Ventures power plant


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