Nederman Offers Fiberglass Based Hot Gas Filter

The new patented MikroTemp™ high temperature filter element was in the spotlight at Menardi-Criswell, a division of Nederman. Designed for baghouse application in gas stream processes from ambient temperatures up to continuous operation at 850°F, the MikroTemp filter element is an alternative to woven metal filter bags and ceramic candles.

Field tests and research and development work have demonstrated that the Menardi-Criswell product is more durable and less fragile than the ceramic product. Menardi's unique cage design using an Inconel spring and coating of the fiberglass eliminate movement of the fiber avoiding friction and premature failure. The cages which are preinstalled into the bags at purchase can be reused for rebagging. The limiting factors of fiberglass are removed without decreasing the filtration properties of woven glass. Additionally, the MikroTemp filter element provides more efficient filtration at a significantly reduced cost.

The element has a wide variety of applications including: TiO2; waste incineration; metals; catalyst recovery; gold refining; cement kilns; glass furnace fumes; detergent plants; phosphates and kaolin kilns. Trial bags have been operating for six months with pulsing at 8 seconds on an aluminum oxide application.

Menardi has developed Arafil, a new filtration media that is designed for  high temperature filtration in the asphalt industry. Arafil collects asphalt dust containing a high percentage of recycled asphalt product. It is made from a blend of fibers needled into a Nomex scrim to form a nonwoven filter fabric that supports the formation of a dust cake. Menardi-Criswell claims that Arafil has the benefits of good air flow characteristics, resistance to premature blinding, and durability and long service life for filter bags. Menardi-Criswell uses Arafil to make filter bags for all brands of fabric filters.