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Here are excerpts from the McIlvaine Cartridge Filters report. This extensive online report and database includes hundreds of pages of monthly additions to supplement the world’s most comprehensive coverage of the subject.






·        Many Pages of Monthly Updates to the Cartridge Filter: World Markets Report

·        Liquid Cartridge Sales to the World Pharmaceutical Industry Will Exceed $2 Billion this Year

·        Asian Ultrapure Water Sales to Exceed $3 Billion in 2015



Many Pages of Monthly Updates to the Cartridge Filter: World Markets Report


Cartridge Filters: World Markets is updated each month in many ways. There are updates to the forecasts and networking directory.  There are updates to the industry chapters. There is a general update as well.  Here are the headlines for April:




APRIL 2013




Fiberweb Announces $15 Million Expansion

Buckeye Technologies to be Acquired by Georgia-Pacific

Ahlstrom Partners With Dow on Water Filtration Applications

Freudenberg Invests in Filtration Business with Aquabio Acquisition

Lockheed Martin Achieves Patent for Perforene Filtration Solution

LiqTech Intern’l and FMC Technologies Enter Into Multi-year Agreement

Bosch Rexroth Expands Into Filtration Market

Mar Cor Purification Buys Siemens’ Hemodialysis Water Business

3M Purification Preferred Filter Supplier for Cover Group


Envirogen Water Technologies Introduces Range of Filter Cartridges

Eastman Launches Microfibers Platform


Many projects are detailed in monthly updates under Industry Analysis in this Report’s Chapters.











Liquid Cartridge Sales to the World Pharmaceutical Industry Will Exceed $2 Billion this Year

For the first time ever, the world’s pharmaceutical industry will spend over $2 billion for liquid cartridges. The 2013 forecasts are included in Cartridge Filters: World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.Top of Form

Pharmaceutical Cartridge Revenues ($ Millions)

World Region






 East Asia


 Eastern Europe


 Middle East




 South & Central America


 West Asia


 Western Europe




For most applications, the East Asia market is much larger than any other region. However, in the pharmaceutical sector NAFTA remains the largest.

The pharmaceutical cartridge market is dominated by the larger players who have more than 50 percent market share.

Company Name

Asahi Kasei
Parker Hannifin
Siemens AG
General Electric
Meissner Filtration Products

The bulk of the sales is for the higher performance and more expensive membrane filters. They comprise 50 percent of the total. Non-woven cartridges account for another 30 percent. The remaining 20 percent is shared by string wound, carbon and metal.

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Asian Ultrapure Water Sales to Exceed $3 Billion in 2015

In the rapidly growing Asian market, sales of ultrapure water systems and consumables will exceed $3 billion for the first time ever in 2015. This is the conclusion reached in the McIlvaine on line report Ultrapure Water World Markets.

Industry Totals ($ Thousands)



Coal-Fired Power




Flat Panel


Gas Turbines


Industrial Power


Other Industries




Asia is building more new coal-fired power plants than the rest of the world combined. The majority of these power plants are of the ultrasupercritical design. These power plants need the highest purity boiler feedwater. Contrary to public perception, the Chinese fleet is operating more efficiently than the U.S. counterpart. The reason being that most of the Chinese plants have been built since 2000. By contrast, the average coal-fired power plant in the U.S. is more than forty years old. Asia has been quick to embrace newer technologies such as electrodeionization (EDI) as a substitute for ion exchange.

Asia is proceeding with come nuclear power plants. These power plants require the highest quality water. Combined cycle gas turbine plants also require high quality water but their needs per megawatt are less than half of that of a coal-fired power plant.

Over 50 percent of the market is attributable to the electronics and flat panel segment. Asia has more electronics facilities using ultrapure water than the other continents combined. One of the bigger growth segments in China has been photovoltaic cells for the solar industry. These plants do require ultrapure water although not as pure as required for semiconductor manufacture.

The one application where Asia does not dominate is pharmaceuticals. Water for injection (WFI) needs to be ultrapure because it is mixed with substances which are then injected into humans. The bulk of the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is still in the U.S. and Europe.

Special instrumentation which can measure dissolved oxygen and other constituents in parts per billion are required in ultrapure water systems. There are a series of filtration steps ending in treatment by reverse osmosis. Even after the water is ultrapure there is a concern about re-contamination in pumps and piping. Consequently, in a semiconductor plant, the water leaving the RO system passes through piping and then into an end point membrane cartridge filter before being used to wash the wafer.

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